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The Ollie
    The first step of the ollie is to get your feet into the right position.  Put your front foot across the middle of your board; put the ball of your back foot in the center of your tail.  The next thing you want to do is bend your knees-the more you bend, the higher you can go.  As you straighten your legs and start your jump, a few things must happen: fully extend your back leg, pushing your tail to the ground; roll your front foot until the side of your shoe is touching the grip tape; lift your front leg up, dragging your shoe up the board toward the nose; push your front foot forward; and pull your back leg up toward your chest.  Now that you've leveled out, let your legs straighten out a little bit as gravity brings you back down.  When you feel your wheels hit the ground, let your knees bend again to soften you're landing.