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The Axle Stall
    To do the axle stall, put your feet in the same position as you did for the kick turn.  Ride up the transition with your knees slightly bent.  As you near the top, lift your front wheels off the ramp, so they clear the coping.  Start turning-you will feel your back truck come in contact with the coping.  Stay centered over the back truck and continue to pivot, while rocking your weight back onto your heel.  Set the front truck down on the coping by shifting your weight over the center of your board.  You should be balanced over your heels, and standing completely up over the deck of the ramp.  To go back in, shift your weight back over the back truck and press down on the tail, lifting the front truck off the coping.  Pivot on your back truck, leaning in using your toes and turning the board back into the ramp.  When the board is straight, set the front wheels back onto the ramp by pushing down with your front foot, and centering your weight more over the front truck.  Keep your balance, and roll in.